Q? zine | Issue 1.1 | November 2011

A new issue of an absolutely amazing queer zine is out!



The whole idea of creating this zine is sparked as a process of becoming.  Of becoming what? We do not seek to limit the “what”. It all depends on you. Becoming means transformation: conforming and opposing it, running away and staying right here, constantly questioning the self and being ok with it, constructing identity and deconstructing it playfully. We invite you to open yourself to new possibilities and interpretations, and to have a doubt that can eventually be liberating. But the idea of becoming is also much broader. We want to start thinking of becoming with. Becoming as creating alliances and crushing privileges. It cannot exist without tackling the problems of racism, classism, sexism and a couple of other ‘–isms’ that form a web of power relations existent in our everyday lives.

The zine is titled “Q?”, because we would like to open a discussion of what it means to be queer, to queer something and what are the consequences of these actions. The Q word has become so fashionable recently that we aspire to create an alternative to the western monopolization of this word and elitist/academic interpretation of it.

For an online version go to: issue1-1-web

A printable version is available here.

For more info go to http://rqac.wordpress.com/. You can also find the previous issue there.

If you’re interested in submitting articles, comic stories, artworks, photographs, poems, fiction stories, commentaries, etc., write to fork@riseup.net!