job board

today I was offered a job
with my university diplomas
with my critical thinking abilities
with my three spoken languages
with a thousand of academic books I read inside out
with my list of publications
with my able, white, privileged body
with my experience in giving back to the community
with my activism cross-cutting so many fields of oppression
with my belief that one day I will realise my dreams

today I was offered a full-time job for 120 euros a month
with no health insurance
8 hours of work daily
with no social benefits
40 hours of work per week
with no employment contract
because “we trust each other here”
they call labour an “internship”
because it’s easier to exploit you this way
and you should be grateful for this “opportunity to learn”

today I was offered a job with a vibrant team
of young fashion designers
who sell ONE item in their online store for 250 euros
TWICE my prospective monthly pay
who design sleek/minimalistic/painfully simple products
outsourcing needlewomen who probably don’t follow fashion blogs
why didn’t I stand up and just walk out when I heard your offer?
I should have splashed your organic tea right into your face
but instead I thought: “can I afford to reject this job?”